Fresh Paint

“Fresh Paint offers a rewarding look at the work of four local composers and also showcases the members of Radius in a warm, winning light."

Jonathan Blumhofer, Arts Fuse (


1. Quetzal Garden by Elena Ruehr (b. 1963) for flute and strings
2. Synchrony by Jonathan Bailey Holland (b. 1974) for oboe, bassoon, violin, cello and piano, plus documentary audio snippets 
3. *12* by Eun Young Lee (b. 1967) for all nine members of Radius Ensemble
4. The Nine Rasas by John Harbison (b. 1938) for clarinet, viola and piano
Total time: 59:23

Digital download includes PDF of complete liner notes

Produced by Jennifer Montbach, with Elena Ruehr, Jonathan Bailey Holland, Eun Young Lee, and John Harbison

Recorded at Fraser Performance Studio at WGBH, Boston

Antonio Oliart Ros – Recording and Postproduction Engineer


Eran & Yukiko Egozy

Erika Angle
Kathleen & David Brittan
Justin Campbell & Lucy Chie
Julie & Charles Davidson
Brad Feld
Harriet & David Griesinger
Kate & Tom Kush
John & Ann-Mara Lanza
Todd & Sheila Lemke
Fumi & Kako Matsumoto
Dennis & Susan LaRosee
Nancy & Richard Lubin
Jane & Neil Pappalardo



Kathryn J Allwine Bacasmot
Will Bartlett
Anastasia Bogushevsky
Blake Brasher
Cindy & Ollie Curme
Nathan Gutierrez
Rosemary Harbison
Jeff Hesser
Kate Lemmon
Tom Martin
Deb McNeilly
New School of Music
Antonio Oliart
Erica Sahin
Aaron Trant
WGBH Boston