ELENA RUEHR | Quetzal Garden


Track 1 | 15:20
Sarah Brady, flute
Gabriela Diaz, violin
Jennifer Elowitch, violin
Noriko Futagami, viola
Miriam Bolkosky, cello
Susan Hagen, bass

Elena Ruehr says of her music “the idea is that the surface be simple, the structure complex.” Her work has been described as “sumptuously scored and full of soaring melodies” (The New York Times), and “unspeakably gorgeous” (Gramophone).  An award-winning faculty member at MIT, she has also been a Guggenheim Fellow and a fellow at Harvard’s Radcliffe Institute and composer-in-residence with the Boston Modern Orchestra Project, which performed and recorded her major orchestral works (O’Keeffe Images, BMOP Sound) as well as the opera Toussaint Before the Spirits (Arsis Records). Three of her six string quartets were commissioned by the Cypress String Quartet, who have recorded  How She Danced: String Quartets of Elena Ruehr. Her quartets have also been performed by the Biava, Borromeo, Lark, ROCO and Shanghai string quartets. Her other recordings include  Averno (Avie with the Trinity Choir, Julian Wachner, conducting), Jane Wang considers the Dragonfly (Albany), Lift (Avie) and  Shimmer (Metamorphosen Chamber Ensemble on Albany).  elenaruehr.org


Quetzal Garden is a chamber concerto for flute and strings, written expressly for Sarah Brady who has premiered a number of my works.  Titled after a rare and exotic bird, Quetzal Garden is inspired by flute music from around the world, particularly from South America, Japan, and France.  Written in three parts without pause.

Elena Ruehr


Video of world premiere performance (October 17, 2015)


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