Eran Egozy


Jennifer Montbach

In early 2015, my colleague and dear friend Eran Egozy and I had lunch at Zaftig’s in Brookline, where he shared some exciting news. He had commissioned John Harbison, one of the most acclaimed and beloved composers alive today, to write a new work for him and his wife, pianist Yukiko Ueno Egozy. I was thrilled to hear that he already had Radius in mind for its premiere.

That spring, I began programming our 2015-2016 concert season, to include the new Harbison work as well as an already-planned commission by Elena Ruehr. I decided to shoot for the moon: we would commission and premiere a new piece on each of the four concerts of our subscription series at Longy – and, if we could raise the money, record these new works, too. I immediately thought of Jonathan Bailey Holland, with whom Radius had had several fruitful collaborations.  Then Sarah Brady, Radius’s flutist, suggested I get in touch with her new Boston Conservatory colleague Eun Young Lee.  The details were falling into place.

We called this project – both the season of world premiere commissions and the recording project – FRESH PAINT, and it has become our most ambitious artistic endeavor to date.  This venture would not have been possible without many generous and talented people, most notably Elena, Jonathan, Young, and John, and I offer my heartfelt thanks to all on behalf of Radius Ensemble.

– Artistic Director and Fresh Paint Producer, Jennifer Montbach