Tracks 3-14 | 16:40

Sarah Bob, piano
Miriam Bolkosky, cello
Sarah Brady, flute
Gabriela Diaz, violin
Eran Egozy, clarinet
Noriko Futagami, viola
Anne Howarth, horn
Jennifer Montbach, oboe
Adrian Morejon, bassoon

Eun Young Lee has collaborated with ensembles around the globe, including eighth blackbird, Pacifica String Quartet, Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, Left Coast Chamber Ensemble, and ensemble mise-en among many others. She has been recognized with the first prize at Tsang-Houei Hsu International Music Composition; the 2008 Max Di Julio Prize at the Nevada Encounters of New Music (N.E.O.N.) Festival; a Yaddo Fellowship, MacDowell Colony Fellowship, Gerald Oshita Memorial Fellowship and others. Her music has been chosen for broadcasts through Art of the States, EBU (European Broadcasting Union), KBS (Korean Broadcasting System), and Anthology of Contemporary Concert Music. Ms. Lee earned a Ph.D. at the University of Chicago, where her teachers included Shulamit Ran and Bernard Rands. She joined the faculty of Boston Conservatory in 2014 and will also be teaching at Tufts University beginning in September of 2016.


Over a first meeting with Jennifer Montbach about a commission for Radius Ensemble, our conversation moved to one of my passions, making interactive music applications. Part of my doctoral thesis included a music education video game called Look, Sound! and I had been looking for collaborators to develop the project. Jennifer and I discussed the possibility of relating my commissioned work to Look, Sound!  Because I believe music should exist for people, inviting audiences to be interactive participants allows them to feel that they are a part of the creative process. So Jennifer invited Eran Egozy to create the technical realization of my idea of working with cell phones. It required several meetings with the three of us to complete the project. Visual artist Jeff Hesser’s images also were added to help audiences see the sound on the screen.

The title of the piece,*12*, refers to the Zodiac signs. The character and instrumental groupings of each movement are inspired by family and friends in my life with specific Zodiac signs. I arranged the order of the movements so that it ended with the Zodiac sign of the day of the premiere, March 5, 2016: Pisces. This movement is played by all the members of the ensemble. In this piece, a dream I have held for a long time, to develop an app for use in music education and composition, has become a reality.

– Eun Young Lee

*12* was written to be performed with audience participation. Four of the twelve movements – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius – were accompanied at the world premiere by a series of percussion motifs written by Young, recorded by percussionist Aaron Trant, and triggered by 12 smartphone-wielding audience members using an original application created by Eran Egozy.

*12* was commissioned on behalf of Radius Ensemble by trustee John Lanza, with love, for his wife Ann-Mara Lanza, on the occasion of their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.


Scorpio, from the world premiere (March 5, 2016)


locked-icon-28008EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: Download the four interactive movements with the composer and friends improvising the percussion accompaniment




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